Downsound Records plans to make history with dancehall icon Ninja Man

Downsound Records CEO Josef Bondonovich believes his company is on a path to create history in dancehall music. He recently signed iconic clash artiste Desmond Ballentine, popularly known as Ninja Man to his label.

Though many people might think Ninja Man is past his best musically Mr. Bondonovich is convinced that Ninja Man still has a lot to offer dancehall music.

“This guy is a living legend, he’s one of the greatest artistes ever and I certainly think he has a lot to offer to this generation of dancehall fans, he’s one of the greatest dancehall acts ever, he has a lot of history behind his name and Downsound plans to make some more with him, you’ll see .”

Ninja Man who began his career in the late 1980s is known for his famous clashes at Sting with the likes of other dancehall luminaries such as Shabba Ranks and Super Cat.  The self-styled bad boy of dancehall music has remained a prominent fixture on the local music landscape despite his many run-ins with the law over the years.

He recently declared that he has resigned from clashing to focus on the rebuilding of his recording career and the upliftment of dancehall music.

“Mi done do 26 years as the champion of clashing, mi a resign wid mi title like Lennox Lewis, mi do enough, mi a lef it gi Kiprich, mi teach him how fi clash and right off deejay a sting, a fi him time now fi reign and pass on the knowledge to a next youth down the line. Now mi a focus pon mi career wid Downsound,” said Ninja Man.

According to Ninja Man his time at Downsound will be spent on reestablishing his recording career and mentoring the younger acts in the camp.

“A time now fi focus pon mi recording career, over the years mi miss out pon a whole heap a things and now is the time to build back mi career. Mi like how Downsound have a team and the whole a we, Joe, Skatta, Foota, Khago and all the artistes dem a work together, mi love the unity. Right now mi a record a whole heap a tunes and me a help guide Specialist and the other young artistes inna di camp.”

Downsound recently released Ninja Man’s first single for the label. The scorching hot single titled Dweet which was done in tandem with Specialist is already blowing FM radio both locally and abroad. Its supporting music video is also enjoying strong rotation.