Cops Arrest Sizzla



Popular Rastafarian reggae artiste Sizzla Kalonji was arrested on Wednesday by police personnel from the St Andrew Central police following reports that gunshots were fired at a group of persons at a river in August Town.

Crime chief for the division, Deputy Superintendent Derrick 'Cowboy' Knight, told THE WEEKEND STAR that the entertainer, born Miguel Orlando Collins, was taken into custody following the shooting incident.

"The incident occurred sometime around 8:15 p.m and we responded and Sizzla was arrested about 15 minutes later," DSP Knight said before adding that Sizzla is in the process of being interrogated and his hands were also swabbed for gunpowder.

identified Sizzla

Reports summarise that a number of persons were catching water at a river when an armed man approached them and fired several shots in their direction. No one was injured.

Further reports are that a number of persons subsequently reported to the police and identified Sizzla as the shooter.

Asked what is the theorised reason behind the shooting, Knight, though not confirming, explained that a number of areas in August Town are currently at odds.

"Well that is what happened based on the reports we have ... We are investigating but we know that a number of places like Judgement Yard, Goldsmith Villa and Hermitage have constant friction, so we are looking into that," Knight said.

This is not Sizzla's first run-in with the law.

In 2005, he was taken into custody and questioned in relation to 13 high-powered guns the police dug out of a hole in the Judgement Yard section of August Town.

He was held and interrogated for three days but was released as he denied having any knowledge of the guns.

Sizzla is known for songs like Black Woman and Child, Dry Cry, and Rise to the Occasion.