De Treasure Mix

On Saturday October 20th on CHRY 105.5FM I try to raise funds for community radio.  Please join me at 6pm - 9pm to please pledge what you can toward this fund-raising drive. Any little amount will go a long way...$5, $10, $20 or if you can afford $100 will go toward a special gift for you.  So it’s a win win situation.  You win by helping a could cause and radio station that serves the community and you also win with great prizes! (see details below)

Details for contributions

  • For every contribution (pledge and payment) of $10 or more you will get yourself two complimentary CDs compliments DBandit.com.
  • For every contribution (pledge and payment) of $25 or more you will get yourself two complimentary CDs compliments DBandit.com plus entry into Groovie Town event Oct 20th at Twilight plus a CHRY mug.
  • Every contribution (pledge and payment) amount of $50 or more will be automatically entered into a contest to win an ipod already preloaded with music and podcasts from DBandit.com plus a complimentry CHRY t-shirt
  • Every contribution (pledge and payment) amount of $100 or more will be automatically entered into a draw to win a DBandit.com Black Card.  This Black Card will entitle you access to all DBandit.com events for 2013.  These include: Redemption, Sunset, All Ah We Boat Cruise, Army Fete, AfterShock, Musicology, Shine, Carnival Bliss, just to name a few (a value of approximately $400+) plus if you make it $105.50 you will also get a CHRY jacket & your choice of a hat or scarf or tuke.

So you see, if you pledge during fundraising and make your payment to CHRY, you can win fabulous prizes during De Treasure Mix courtesy DBandit.com.

Once again, join me this Saturday from 6pm - 9pm, I look forward to hearing from you.

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Supreme Promotions head honcho, Isaiah Laing, has confirmed seven top acts for his big showdown on boxing day, December 26.

This year's staging of dancehall's greatest show over the globe is anticipated to be the most elaborate staging ever. The initial announcement confirmed the hottest commodity, Tommy Lee Sparta, to headline the event. This single entertainer is now the target that several artistes are firing lyrical shots at. A whirlwind of lyrical warfare is adding more heat to the fire expected to blaze at Sting for the ultimate face-off.

The lucky seven that are already signed for the Jamworld explosion include now rivals Tommy Lee Sparta and Bounty Killer.

Tommy Lee Sparta out of respect initially steered away from a confrontation with the 'Killa'. The release of Nyammy Lee has pushed 'Uncle Demon' back into war mode.

Mi nuh fear him

In an interview with THE STAR, the Spartan King said, "Why me can't be a demon, why me can't be that character. Killa can't study me, him can't drain mi energy. This morning mi wake up see new song name Nyammy Lee. A who him a call so? Mi nuh fear him, that a mash potato and bully beef. Anything a anything over Sting!"

The warlord has declared his rejection of the fast-rising newcomer via interviews, social media sites Twitter /Facebook, as well has his new single, Di Gadd.

The prolific songwriter KipRich is also booked for Sting 2012. His recent single, See It Clear, will be the icing on the cake for his long-standing fan base and patrons at Sting 2012.

The 'Gully God', Mavado, will use Sting 2012 as the opportunity to testify that he is still on top of his game.

His absence from the local scene has drawn much speculation. Box of Money, is the reigning record that is riding high for the Money Changer, hit maker.

According to fans, there is uncertainty with Mavado's loyalty on the Gaza, Sparta / Alliance issue. At his first major performance on Jamaican soil, he made constant mention of Vybz Kartel. Killer went on to tweet, "Mavado's fans expressed disappointment ... too much mention of Addi and no Bounty". Sting 2012 will reveal where Mavado stands.

The saga continues at Sting with chart toppers Popcaan, Khago and Aidonia rounding off the list presented by Supreme Promotions.

In an interview with THE STAR, Laing expressed his enthusiasm with the upcoming event. "We always listen to the streets. Whatever is happening at the parties we know, we read the streets very well. Whatever the street is calling for, that is what they will get. Sting 2012 production is gonna be high quality, smooth transition from one top act to another. We also have a surprise with a four-the-hard-way sing off. Top reggae acts, we talking about big names of the past. Something that they have never seen before, we will have it this year."

This announcement will come at a later time says Laing and will definitely add more excitement to the line-up.

He went on to confirm the security of the venue. "We are taking no chances and so no weapons and absolutely no bottles will be allowed into the venue. This year will also be incident free.This year will be the best of the best only for Sting!"

The Supreme team boasts that they have already sealed the deal with seven of this year's best.

Laing went on to explain the success Sting has always pulled when controversy brews as artistes rally for the Sting crown. He also highlighted the influence Sting has had over the industry on an annual basis.

"This show has the power to determine the winners and losers and predict who is gonna take the following year. Everyone put on their game face for Sting. That's the last chance to prove yourself before the year comes to an end," expressed Laing.
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BY HOWARD CAMPBELL Observer senior writer

Sunday, October 14, 2012

FORTY years after a low-budget film named The Harder They Come made him a superstar, Jimmy Cliff is enjoying a career revival.

His latest album, aptly titled

CLIFF... enjoying a career revival

Rebirth, has received strong reviews in Europe and North America where it has made major charts.

Cliff, 64, got another big boost recently when he was named to tour with the Dave Matthews Band, one of the biggest acts of the 1990s and a strong touring unit.

The tour is scheduled to start November

30-December 1 with two dates in

East Rutherford, New Jersey.

They will

also perform in Louisville, Kentucky, Chicago, Toronto, Connecticut

and Boston.

Rebirth, a 13-song set, was released in July. It is produced by Tim Armstrong of the punk/ska band Rancid who also worked on The Sacred Fire, Cliff's 2011 EP.

Megan Romer, reviewing Rebirth

for worldmusic,about.com, wrote: "He hasn't released much of anything with real sticking power recently. But I've officially flipped my Jimmy Cliff radar back on folks, because Rebirth is the best new reggae album I've heard in entirely too long."

Rolling Stone magazine also gave Rebirth the thumbs-up, describing it as 'Cliff's best music in decades'.

Though he had a strong seller in the early 1990s with a cover of Johnny Nash's I Can See Clearly Now, Cliff has not produced a major album since The Power and The Glory which was released by Columbia Records in 1984.

The renewed acclaim Jimmy Cliff has received in recent months is similar to accolades his ska contemporary Toots Hibbert during the last decade.

Rebirth reached number 83 on the British national chart and peaked at number 76 in the United States.

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