“SPARROW… d’Legend”

Sooooooo... is that time already!!  Summer... CARIBANA is in the air and that means North America's #1 mas band is about to unleash its 2010 presentation.

This year CNz has decided to pay special attention to one of the greatest figures in Caribbean history, something that has never been done before. An entertainer who needs no introduction… the "KING OF CALYPSO"… will be honoured in true CNz fashion for all the awe inspiring music that he has provided to us over the years. Call him by whatever name you know him: "Slinger Francisco" ~ "D'Birdie" ~ "The King"... we at CNz will simply call him "SPARROW D'LEGEND".

His catalogue is enormous, his talent undisputed, his charisma and ability to mesmerize an audience is world-renowned... and in 2010 CNz will bring all those aspects to life in a presentation to celebrate one of our greatest talents, as only West Indians can... in "mas".

So if the following lyrics/lines put an instant smile on your face:

“He eat until he stomach upset… but I never eat ah white meat yet”...
“Tell yuh sister to come down quick I have something here for she”…
“de Lizard run up she leg and disappear”...
“Jane, it is four o’clock in the morning”…
“Well they playing bad, they have me feeling sad… the leader of the gang was hot like ah pepper”…
“Drunk & Disorderly always in custody, meh friends & meh family… all man fed up with me”…
“Bum bum looking healthy jamming on me purposely... darling doh do that to me… doh back back”...
"Well the girls in town feeling bad… no more Yankees in Trinidad"...
"If yuh hear how this Martiniquian bawl... Sa Sa Yeah… Bunjay"…
"Melda oh yuh making wedding plans, carrying meh name to Obeah Man"...
“Good morning Mr. Walker, I come to see your daughter”…
"All saltfish sweet!!"

...then you should be there on May 1st as CNz pays homage to the undisputed "KING OF CALYPSO"...THE MIGHTY SPARROW!!!!!!!!

Date: Saturday 1st May, 2010
Venue: Sound Academy (11 Polson St, Toronto)
DJs: D'Bandit ~ Soca Sweetness ~ Court Jester ~ Starting from Scratch ~Kold Fusion ~ PlayHouse ~ Enforcas (newly added)
Hosts: SKF & Eman
Adm: $15 adv ~ more @ the door…
Tickets: www.ticketgateway.com - please check the website for more information and for the easy purchase process…

ALL “Bed & Bath Boutique” locations:
Cedarbrae Mall
Westwood Mall
East York Town Centre
York Gate Mall
Malvern Town Centre

Play-de-Record [downtown]
Charlie’s [Miss.]
Drupati’s [Etobicoke]
Nicey’s [Brampton]

Info: Marcus @ 416.565.4079;Bryce @ 416.985.8488;Dwayne @ 416.930.9650
Section Leaders: Hayden “Pumpkin” @ 416.220.497;Ross @ 416.301.7761; Al/Brant @ 416.684.5062 & 416.456.6984;Denise @ 416.820.3304
Websites: www.carnivalnationz.com ~ www.islandboyz.com ~ www.toronto-lime.com ~ www.dbandit.com
Facebook: join the carnival nationz or carnival nationz miami facebook user groups... plus bryceaguiton or islandboyz or dbandit groups

Look out for:

  • CNz brand new website launch… www.carnivalnationz.com
  • CNz Registration week – first week of May @ our mas camp
  • KIDDIES Carnival: LIL’Nationz – launch in June
  • Carnival Nationz Annual Boat Cruise - July 18th 2010

See you at the launch...
CNz Band Leaders:
Dwayne @ 416.930.9650
Marcus @ 416.565.4079
Bryce @ 416.985.8488


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By Starapple

Interesting times lay ahead for dancehall. Last time I addressed the issue of the recent revocation of 4 major artistes USA visas. It is a topic that is not going to be dissipating anytime soon. Speculation
over the weekend has even pointed to the infiltration of our society by USA agents posing as consultants, tourists and so on. Funny that they feel free to enter our country and do as they see fit, yet other countries dare not exercise such an option, unless they wish to undergo severe sanctions.

Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor has recently recorded and produced an instant runaway hit [locally at least] by Beenie Man called Visa, Jah Cure has also joined in on the action and God knows who else; so very soon I suppose we will have a visa segment in the dance. Oh well. I am not sure if this is even a direction we would want to go in, given that we are going to be under siege very soon. It is not a simple
issue this whole revocation thing; many webs have been weaved and the normal 'we nah tek nuh chat' response that Jamaicans are prone to exhibit is not going to work. We are not a financial powerhouse so it is not a wise idea to take that route.

Anyway, given our current travails there abounds a great opportunity to rebuild and clean the moral fabric of our society and the music we consume and feed to the world. To be quite honest, even as an ardent lover of the Jamaican music form, over the 3 years prior to last year, what was being produced was rather wanting and unnecessarily violent, lewd and misogynistic. This is not even up for debate, this is a straight up fact. The songs gave the audiences a sugar high and made quick money for the artistes, but were basically the planting of seeds of future destruction. No matter how you would argue for change, the producers were unrelenting, the artistes were defensive, the deejays afraid to go against the grain and listeners great displayers of double standards [many chastising the music yet still playing the same music they chastised and railing to it and even paying to see the artistes perform].

This is not only the time to make the music pleasant to the ear once again, but entertaining. A number of producers have sprung up, likewise a number of artistes and current producers and artistes who
were already in the system have begun making changes. Quite notably Movado [Hold On Movy], Cash Flow Records, Don Corleone Records, Wasp, Chedda, Andrew and Wada Blood, Tami Chynn, Tifa, Timberlee, The Gangstress herself Stacious, Idonia, Charly Black and I could go on and on.

Alot of artistes are even exploring the reggae genre again, a number of old riddims are being 'licked' [rebuilt] over, but this is not sufficient. To garner momentum in the market place it takes proper
artiste management, industry structure, channels set up by government to facilitate development of the industry and a level of seriousness by the players in the industry.

It is not sufficient just to spit a few sentences of positive lines and then go and make a violent song. There has to be some consistency in an artiste repertoire. Proper song construction is needed in our
business, not just rhyming for rhyming sake. We need our artistes to go the extra mile and educate themselves and this does not have to mean tertiary education, because technology can afford many good usable information. More worth needs to be placed on good writers, the persons who can control input need to be straight up with the artiste when garbage is being delivered or when good content is being delivered poorly; 'yesmanship' is like a growing kidney problem, over time it leads to renal failure, artistes need to open their minds and exercise more topical diversity. In addition, alot of persons are
complaining of the non-jamaicaness in the sounds that are emanating from yard, that too is something which needs to be addressed. A set that is most times overlooked are the journalists who make exaggerated reports, who show up late for a show or dance and are only able to make a report based on the limited period they were present and not a comprehensive review, who interview only their 'friends' or artistes and producers they favor, and ignore and critique rather harshly those they might dislike in their written, audio and/or audio-visual reports. So far those who have made changes and have been consistent with palatable and well thought out lyrics are reaping the rewards with endorsements - Tifa, Ding Dong, D'Angel, Busy Signal, Chino, Konshens, Alibra ...and have been gaining popularity in the local sphere and overseas - G Whizz, Stacious, Andrew & Wada Blood, Professor, Cecile, I-Octane, Cherene Anderson, Natel, Romaine Virgo, Nicky B just to name a few.

We don't need a visa to make our industry better, but we do need some changes to be made. Becoming an entertainment Mecca should not be an elusive concept to us; afterall think, The Rolling Stones, Gentleman, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Drake (all international, Billboard charting acts) came here to record, why? Obviously, they were not forced, but drawn to something here. We have a magic that we will lose if do not stop taking what we have for granted. The self administration of cerassee tea to this industry bloated with toxins has to occur and it should not have taken an outsider to choke us to make us realize.
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Mavado continues his reign with Gal Ova Gun, making this its second week at #1.
As for Beenie Man with Mi Woman A Call Mi he holds firm at #2 for yet another week.
While Lisa Hype and Gaza Kim’s Bills kept its position at #3 one more time.
I-Octane with Lose A Friend maintains his place at #4 after twenty one weeks on the chart and also cops the Greatest Gainer with his hot single Think A Little Time thus jumping three places into #16.
The lyricist Vybz Kartel climbs in the top five with Slow Motion and retains the Shot To Watchtitle. He now sits at #5 leaving from #7.
The chart has two New Entries, first single comes from the chart ruler Mavado with House Toppositioning at 19 and produced by Rose Gold Entertainment and the other single from multicultural artiste Ms. Trini with Mr. Deejay at #20 off her own label Trini Girl.
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