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WE DON'T WAAAAAANT COME IN YUH BAND...should I even bother let you know the obvious like, everyone Palanced...down to Beyonce take a look courtesy meh boy Hypa Hoppa from VIP viewing. 
Should I let you know that FallOUT was the sexy chic fete for Trinidad Carnival Tuesday?  Should I let you know that Tribe Thursday was the biggest it has ever been?!?!
Or maybe you wanna hear about de Silent Morning Boat Ride where people were boarding a boat at the times they would normally be punching in at work...and that the cruise was off de chains?
Or maybe you you were at Eclipse when Hypa Hoppa and myself completely turn de fete around "that fete made a complete 360 when allyuh reach!!!"  Orrrr maybe you were at the fete all VIPs behave like WAJANGs and REALLY PALANCED to JW and Blaze...MAAADNESS!
Oh and YELLOW DEVILZ...wheeeey.  From 750 masqueraders in 2009 to 1100 masqueraders in 2010 strong!  I tell Hypa I know Yellow Devilz reach when I see the Fire Torch inna de air!  All down to de truck driver get confused when he see so much people...de man lead us down a dead end - really driver...really!?!?!?
Oh and doh talk about TRIBE Mon and Tues...oh wow...just lovely...LOVELY I SAY!  I hear a few people that went elsewhere already saying they coming back next year...hmmm...well good luck yes!
And lastly Unfinished Business finish off de Carnival niiiiice!


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"Oh Bandit, you just made my cardio set go from 25min to 1 hour and 20min with your Ocean Drive Vol 06."  

"Bandit, you got me jamming on this bus ride...people are looking at me weird!!!!  I LOVE Dagga Dagga."

"Hey Bandit, thank you for repping the other islands on your summer edition of Groovie Town and Power Gen."

Those are some of the comments I get from YOU...this motivates me to keep the podcasts coming.  So, THANK YOU for downloading, listening and subscribing... as Rupee would say "love you all!!!"