Aidonia calls on 'Jehovah'

"Plea my cause oh Jah Jah, weh dem a fight me for, for those who fight against me, Jesus walks Jah Jah walks with me, them bad mind, me know them can't stop me with powder obeah, inna me head no bwoy can't put hole inna, poison food from dem don't take no dinner, watch over me nuh Jehovah"

- Jehovah (Watch Over Me), Aidonia

JAQ one Production (J.O.P) recording artiste Sheldon 'Aidonia' Lawrence recently released yet another masterfully crafted single that is poised to dominate the airwaves.

The song titled Jehovah produced by Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor is a conscious ballad that sees the high-riding deejay asking the heavenly powers up above for guidance and protection against those with devious intents.

Jehovah is just one of several singles the J.O.P head has recorded for the Big Ship label since the start of the year. He is also featured on Stephen's Bad People rhythm with a song of a similar title currently enjoying premium airplay on the radio waves.

"It's just the reality of my life and things that I have been through and still going through, that inspired me to do the song. So we continue asking Jah Jah for guidance as we go about our doings everyday," Aidonia said.

In addition to the new releases, Aidonia sits atop the FIWI Choice Top 20 Chart in position No.2 and No.3 with Evil Head and Mood For Love, respectively.

Later this month, Aidonia, alongside Kingston-based sound systems Darkcide International, will perform at a concert, which will be held at the Signature Ranch in Miami, Florida, on March 27. From there he will turn his attention to New York for an April assignment.