Bill Clinton will continue Haiti work

Bill Clinton 'will continue' Haiti work

Published on Saturday, February 13, 2010 Email To Friend    Print Version

NEW YORK, USA (AFP) -- A day after undergoing heart surgery, former US president Bill Clinton reassured supporters he will continue his work as a fundraising coordinator for earthquake-struck Haiti.

"In my capacity as UN Special Envoy for Haiti, I will continue to work with the Haitian government and people, international donors and multilateral organizations," Clinton said in a statement.

Former US president Bill Clinton. AFP PHOTO
The statement came just hours after he was released from hospital in New York following successful surgery to clear up a clogged artery.

Clinton is a special UN envoy to Haiti and also works with fellow former US president George W. Bush in coordinating fundraising.

Exactly a month after the earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people and left some 1.2 million homeless, Clinton said there had been "a generous outpouring of support from donors all over the world."

He said the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund and his own Clinton Foundation Haiti Relief Fund had secured "impressive" donations.

"So far, we've allocated seven million dollars to organizations providing medical care, food, water, shelter, and education," he said, "and we will continue to provide assistance in the months and years to come."

Clinton also praised Haitians for doing "so much with very little."