Bounty Killer freed of gun charge

DANCEHALL entertainer Bounty Killer and former police constable Calis Bowen were yesterday freed of gun charges in the High Court Division of the Gun Court.

“It’s a big relief off my head because you know I’ve been through a lot and to have this hanging over my head it was really a stress on the brain,” Bounty Killer told the Jamaica Observer just after leaving the court.

“I’m happy and elated,” he said, adding that he can now concentrate on his music.

Bounty Killer, whose real name is Rodney Pryce, and Bowen were freed of charges of illegal possession of a firearm, assault at common law and unlawful wounding after the prosecution withdrew the charges on the basis that a statement by a senior police officer contradicted that given by the complainant.

Both accused, who were reportedly among a crowd, were alleged to have assaulted an off-duty policeman along St Lucia Avenue in New Kingston on September 27, 2007 and shots fired at him.

Bounty Killer is alleged to have pointed the gun at the complainant’s face.

He reportedly signalled the men to clear the roadway when he was attacked.

The complainant was said to have been leaving a club when he noticed a number of vehicles blocking a section of the road.