Lady Saw's Christianity questioned - 'Her church thing caan frighten me', says Macka Diamond

( l - r ) Macka Diamond, Lady Saw - File

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond believes that her fellow artiste Lady Saw needs to stop advertising her Christianity and just practise it instead.

In a release to THE STAR, Macka Diamond said that Lady Saw should go deeper in her spirituality.

"I believe that it is a good decision for her to make that personal commitment to God, but why advertise it? Instead of talking about church, she should just do it, go missing off the scene, and go deeper in her spirituality. There is no need to advertise your Christianity like is some form of promotion. That's just what I believe", Macka Diamond was quoted as saying in the release.

She also doubted the sincerity of Lady Saw's conversion, given that she is still performing dancehall songs.

she woulda repent her sins

"Usually, when people say dem tun Christian, yu declare yourself, you call people you are in conflict with, and say 'let's stop this ...', but mi no get no call, that means say 'have up' still a gwaan. As a good Christian, she woulda repent her sins, call me and forgive me. Her church thing caan frighten me, mi ah talk mi mind ... if you are a Christian, dancehall is just not the place for you, but she is doing the same things she did before," Macka Diamond went on to say.

When contacted, a member of Lady Saw's camp said they had no comment on the issue.

In the meantime, Macka Diamond's Forty and Fabulous had been added to the playlists on radio stations in the UK, The Bahamas, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago.

She recently released a song called Sick To The Treatment and a new combination single called Bun Him Part Two featuring Blacker.

However, it is her new single, Mi Bless, on the Pusha Yute-Chase Millz Records label which is generating a lot of buzz in the dancehall.

"Several dancehall selectors ah link me hard fi it, and the radio tun up right now," Macka Diamond said.