3 Sons Present, “SONS OF STEEL”


3 Sons Present, “SONS OF STEEL”

On Saturday, July 14, 2012, 3 Sons will be presenting the Sons of Steel Concert; it will feature Olujimi La Pierre (Boy Wonder) Earl La Pierre Jr (Extraordinary Steel Pannist ESP) and Noel La Pierre (Pan Groove Production PGP) they will all be backed by Bruce Skerritt and The Liamuiga Project.

Armenian Youth Centre Theatre

50 Hall Crown Place North York

Victoria Park & 401

Doors will open at 6:00pm – Showtime is 7:00pm sharp.

SOS---Sons of Steel: Three brothers who grew up in three different parts of the world, coming together for the first time to share their “Gift of Music”. Come and experience music that will soothe your soul.

Early Bird Tickets are only $25.00 from May 1, 2012 - June 1, 2012

Advance Tickets $30.00 online at Ticketgateway.com

Info: Earl (416) 953-0905 www.espjr.com


3 Sons present... The Sons of Steel

Since its inception, steel pan music has taken the world by storm, serenading communities with its unique sound. Originating from Trinidad & Tobago, the steel pan has made a positive and groundbreaking mark in the hearts of music lovers as it constantly breaks the mold of musical norm and expectations. Many incredible musicians find home within the sounds of the shiny steel drum as they continue to interpret and create musical scores out of a sheer passion for the instrument, technique and culture of the steel pan. Talented artists such as Duvone Stewart, Len Boogsie Sharpe etc. are leaders in the pan world and when one speaks of steelpan music, their names are not far behind. One name in particular though, spans through generations of pan players; that name is La Pierre.

The La Pierre family is not only a household name for pannists worldwide, but also a name that equates an exceptional dose of natural talent, passion and execution of steelpan music. To date, the La Pierre family has gifted 5 phenomenal steel pannists into the world, all of which have their own personal edge in how they express their love for the instrument. The La Pierre family nurtures solo careers on an international level, but are about to come together for the first time in concert as the 3 Sons of the pan family present “Sons of Steel”.

On July 14th, 2012, Noel, Earl Jr. & Olujimi La Pierre will take to the stage in their Canadian debut show of “Sons of Steel”. The event was created when the brothers saw a need for something new and fresh in the pan community. As individuals, each brother brings a different dynamic to the table, but as a unit the three combine to offer the past, present and future of steelpan. Noel, being the eldest brother takes his roots from traditional elements of pan playing. His International appeal has taken his solo career across the globe and his versatility on the pan enables him to entertain and educate the masses with ease. Earl Jr.’s playing style finds home within more contemporary song choices. Known as the Extraordinary Steel Pannist, his music transcends the stereotypical views on steelpan playing and allows steelpan to be more accessible and relatable to younger generations. Olujimi, the Boy Wonder, takes pan to new levels showcasing an uncanny understanding of musical theory and showmanship. His ability to effortlessly maneuver through scales and harmonies leaves his listeners in awe as he follows in the footsteps of La Pierre’s before him.

The “Sons of Steel” concert will debut in Toronto, Canada and continue touring in Trinidad as well as Cayman Islands with dates to be determined. Early bird tickets on sale now until June 1st for $25 (while quantities last) and advanced tickets will be available for $30. If you love music, you will love this show! With their shared passion for the art form, the 3 Sons will provide audiences with an evening to write home about and their steelpans will sing songs of sheer talent and entertainment, keeping people wanting more.

For info please call Earl jr 416-953-0905 and tickets could also be purchased at www.ticketgateway.com