Entertainers reflect on Ms Ivy (Bounty Killer's Mother)

Dancehall music lost one of its 'mothers' with the passing of Bounty Killer's mother, Miss Ivy Williams, yesterday. THE STAR took the opportunity to hear from fellow entertainers who had nothing but kind words to say about her.



Ms Ivy was a people person ... a mother outside of a mother. You just feel comfortable when you are around her. She was a really wonderful person.



Me sorry for Killa lost cause you done know seh a mada that. Big up Mama Ivy anyweh she deh. Send my condolences to Bounty and him family. Me love Mama Ivy like how me love Mama Heckle.



I send out my condolence to him and his family. He is in my prayers. Big up Bounty ... she definitely brought forth one of the biggest icons in the business.



I never got the chance to meet her but Bounty always speak highly of her, so I just want to tell the entire family to stay strong while they grieve.

Twin of Twins(Patrick):

Ms Ivy was a very humble lady, stern and disciplined and she always had kind words. The few times that I interacted with her ... I definitely can relate to such pain and turmoil ... the way of the Lord is not meant to be understood by men. The foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men.