De 'Boops' is Back!

By Krista Henry

Producer Shane Brown

The 'Boops' rhythm has returned. This time however the track has a new generation of artistes giving the old rhythm a different twist.

Boops by Super Cat was made popular in the 1980s and was a massive hit cementing Supercat's place in reggae history and also that of the late producer Steely of the Cleevie and Steely duo. 'Boops' rhythm was remade and re-released late December 2009 by producer Shane Brown of Juke Boxx Productions.

modern improvements

In a recent interview with Brown he explained his reasons for re-making the rhythm saying, "I decided to do 'Boops' because Steely is someone I grew up listening to and admiring. A lot of people don't really know what persons like that contributed and made for us today." This is Brown's first cover of a rhythm, which he did alongside Kirk Bennett. According to Brown the foundation of the original 'Boops' rhythm is the same but he has added modern improvements and modern synthetic samples.

Brown's 'Boops' rhythm has songs from Chino, Assassin, Busy Signal, Timeka Marshall, Elephant Man, Karl Morrison, Konshens, Lutan Fyah, Romain Virgo and Tarrus Riley. In the modern take of the rhythm the artistes take on a variety of topics in new deejaying styles and in imitation of dancehall greats. "The artistes brought something new and old, Busy and Assassin used the old way like Super Cat and Shabba and the young artistes compliment the rhythm but keep it authentic by using old melodies," Brown said.

The artistes tackle current issues of technology, love, and living conditions in Jamaica. Assassin has two songs on the rhythm, History Books where he educates youngsters about the 'old time' culture, while in Nowadays Boopsie he cautions boys about talking to nowdays girls who will "squat yuh like a mosquito." Busy Signal has three diverse songs on Boops including Dem Nuh Care, Government Gone Luu and Dat Me Love. In Government Gone Luu Busy does a convincing Super Cat impression talking about the recent raising of taxes.

Riley does one for the children with Children A Pree We saying, "yuh a sey di yutes bad, weh dem get it from?..a yuh, a yuh." Chino talks about being a "real real gallis" in Phone Gallis, while Elephant Man tells the ladies to 'Whine' (the title of the track). With his powerful voice Virgo also stands out on the rhythm with Live Mi Life, singing, "me waan live mi life, tek care of mi madda, and mi pickney and mi wife."

For Brown, the response to the rhythm has been going well, and Juke Boxx has also been busy with a number of upcoming singles from Marshall and Busy Signal. Brown says fans can expect soca songs from Busy Signal including Wooeeii Gal Wooeeii featuring Machel Montano. Busy is also expected to release his third album 'D.O.B' in March of this year.

Brown said, "The next rhythm we have coming out is in April. We tekking this year and easing off the 'One Drop' rhythm and bringing back the 80s/90s era music like Boops."