Machel not hired for Beyonce

Machel not hired for Beyonce, says mom

Machel Montano is not carded to be the opening act of the February 18 Beyonce concert.

Elizabeth Montano, mother and long-time manager of the soca superstar, yesterday denied rumours her son is carded to open for the R&B/pop superstar.

Rumours of Montano’s appearance at the much-publicised concert began circulating after one of the HD Family members referred to their missing comrade while performing at Island People’s annual Amnesia fete last Sunday night. While on stage, the HD Family asked the audience if they were missing Machel, if they were going to see Beyonce, and then said Montano ’would be there as well’.

Montano said while these comments may have been interpreted as an indication of Machel’s appearance at the concert, Mr HD has not been contacted about or booked for the show.

She said: ’I don’t know where they get that from; I don’t even know what they meant when they said that onstage because Machel is not even in the country at this time. I’m not sure if they spoke to him privately, and he said he’s coming back to take in the show, but officially, we have not been contacted about or contracted to perform at the Beyonce show.’

Montano added even if Machel had been hired to open for Beyonce at the show, TSTT (Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago) would share that information with the public when they felt the time was right, and not anyone from the HD Family.

’This is business at the end of the day, and the promoter has the discretion of announcing their accompanying acts when they see it fit. As far as I know, Machel is outside working on a lot of different projects and concentrating on different things. He’s spent almost his entire life performing in Trinidad Carnival year after year and after Trinidad, he’s always called upon to perform at all the other Carnivals as well, so he’s decided to take a different approach this year and is glad to leave the space for young talent to shine.’

Montano called upon the population to ’encourage and embrace all the young, talented acts’ that are rising to the fore this year, instead of ’comparing them to Machel and not accepting them for who they are’.