Kim Kardashian Trip to Haiti was 'Life Changing'


Eariler this month, reality star Kim Kardashian visited Hait,i with her mommager Kris Jenner.  The visit was in support of Maria Bello's charity "We Advance".  The non-profit's mission is to be  "a movement to advance the health, safety, and well being of women throughout Haiti"   Kim wrote about her visit on her blog and described the trip as "life changing".  Kim looks great here but she is being upstaged by these beautiful Haitian girls!!!!


"Our mission was to learn more about [actress Maria Bello's] charity, We Advance, meet the Haitian people who have made such amazing progress since the devastating earthquake in 2010, and celebrate the women of Haiti, who inspired me more than I ever could have anticipated," Kardashian wrote.

When Kardashian returned, she says she saw "malicious" reports that say she "spent a fortune" on herself in Haiti.

"While my experience was completely life-changing ... a very emotional and surprisingly positive journey that I will never forget, some media outlets have tried to tarnish the motive behind my visit and have written completely ridiculous and untrue things," she wrote.  "The truth is that I was at the Haitian Artisan Fair, where the amazing men and women who make their jewelry and crafts sell them to visitors to make a living, and I bought some beautiful jewelry!"

"I have some really great stories and photos from my trip and I'm so excited to share them with you all," she wrote.


Kim Kardashian also talked about meeting a 16 year old Haitian entrepreneur Leanna Archer.  "Leanna Archer is just 16 years old, and is CEO, owner and founder of Leanna’s Inc., and founder of the Leanna Archer Education Foundation for underprivileged children in Haiti. She came to speak at the Haitian Artisan Fair and I was honestly blown away by her story. She started making her own hair products at the age of eight and shortly after launched her own company! She would take her grandmother’s formula and package them in her baby brother’s baby food jars.

Her products were such a great success and in 2008 Leanna launched the Leanna Archer Education Foundation. Leanna uses the money she makes from the sales of her products to help kids in Tabar, Haiti, providing over 200 kids there with three meals every day. Her goal is to build a school and give individual attention to the kids in the town, based on their skills and needs."


Kudos to Kim for, at the very least, using her celebrity in such a way to bring attention to Haiti.  Hopefully, some good will come of it!