Remembering Peter Tosh

Grammy-winning artist and activist Peter Tosh , born Winston Hubert McIntosh in Grange Hill, Westmoreland on October . 19, 1944. Today the singer who died on September 11, 1987, he was murdered at his home during a robbery would have turned 67.

At the age of fifteen, Tosh went  Kingston, where he met Robert Nesta (Bob) Marley and Neville O’Reilly “Bunny” Livingston, who had similar musical dreams., and formed the popular group “Wailing Wailers”, which he left in 1974

Tosh first single Legalize It, in 1976, became an instant hit, as many thought he was singing about marijuana legalization

Peter Tosh continued to record international hit records for the rest of the 1970s and early 1980s, and never relaxed his intense message of revolution. After a live concert release in 1984, Peter Tosh took a few years off, and his 1987 comeback record No Nuclear War was nominated for a Grammy Award.

On September 11, 1987, Tosh was gunned down at his home by three men, one of whom was an acquaintance of Peter Tosh's, Dennis Lobban. Tosh and his house guests were  in the head, where Tosh died instantly, as did two of his friends, including  disc jockey Jeff "Free I" Dixon

Peter Tosh Release studio albums
  • Legalize It (1976)
  • Equal Rights (1977)
  • Bush Doctor (1978)
  • Mystic Man (1979)
  • Wanted Dread And Alive (1981)
  • Mama Africa (1983)
  • No Nuclear War (1987)